eCommerce 360 User Manual



1. Please go to the Settings.

2. Please navigate to the HawkSearch section and click on Configure.

3. Please select Yes in Enabled.

4. Please enter the domain of the environment you want to configure.

In order to view reports in specific HawkSearch environment, please enter the corresponding domain into the Domain field:

  • To access reports in Development environment, enter
  • To access reports in Test environment, enter
  • To access reports in Production (Non PCI) environment, enter
  • To access reports in Production (PCI) environment, enter

If you are not sure about the environment you want to configure, please go back to HawkSearch’s dashboard and check the URL.

5. Please enter your Hawk engine's API key.

You can find your API key in HawkSearch by:

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Go to Account Info
  3. Scroll down to Setup Info
  4. Copy API key

6. Please click Save

7. Please go to HawkSearch in the left navigation and see your advanced report in action!


Top Queries

The "Top Queries" report provides an insightful snapshot of your search activity within a specified date range. It includes a dynamic line graph and a comprehensive table, allowing you to track and analyze search behavior. This report can help you with:

  1. Data-Driven Insights: Understand popular queries and their effectiveness to inform improvements in search functionality.
  1. Trend Analysis and Optimization: Visualize query trends to identify patterns and optimize the search experience.
  1. Content and User Experience Enhancement: Utilize common search queries to guide content strategy and boost user experience.
  • Date: Date of the daily reported number of searches
  • Searches: Number of searches on the specific date

Top Searches

The "Total Daily Searches" report presents a clear picture of your website's internal search activity over a specified date range. It comprises a detailed line graph and a corresponding table, showcasing daily search counts. This report can help you with:

  1. Trend Identification: Understand the daily fluctuations in search volume, helping to identify trends or patterns.
  1. Performance Measurement: Monitor the effectiveness of your search functionality by tracking daily search totals.
  1. Optimization Opportunities: Use these insights to identify potential areas for enhancing search functionality and user engagement.

**Please click on the table to visualize the trends of different query**

  • Query: Value of the query
  • Searches: Number of the times visitor searched for the query
  • Clicks: Number of the times visitor clicked on the query
  • Click Rate: Percentage of visitor that clicked on the query after searching it, this is calculated by dividing the Clicks by the Searches.