eCommerce 360 User Manual


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What type of access does the eCommerce 360 dashboard need?

The eCommerce 360 dashboard needs read-only access to your Google Analytics account to pull in data and use it for reporting.  

Why should I connect to my Google Analytics Account?

Connecting your GA account to the eCommerce 360 dashboard will provide us with read-only access to your data. This data can then be used to compare with industry benchmarks, provide recommendations based on our analysis, etc.

What GA versions are supported by the eCommerce 360 dashboard?

The eCommerce 360 dashboard is currently compatible with Universal Analytics. We will be supporting Google Analytics 4 version in subsequent releases as well.

What is the underlying data the eCommerce 360 dashboard uses?

Our dashboard is currently powered primarily by Google Analytics data, but other data points will be introduced in the future as well.