Our Strategy

Harnessing the Power of Marketing Technology

We guide businesses toward ultimate online growth

The Martech Industry is Steadily Growing

Endless Expansion of Crowded Market

The MarTech space is growing in spend and volume, with more Apps emerging every day.

COVID-19 Driven eCommerce

A global boom of online shopping emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing demand for stellar digital buying experiences.

Platforms and Apps Working Together

Apps provide a seamless sales cycle that can work in tandem with established platforms, ensuring a flawless eCommerce strategy.

The Core Pillars of Our Strategy

Attract, engage, and convert your target audience with Bridgeline's suite of products.

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Capturing a Larger Audience

We are expanding our addressable market with our innovative Product and App approach. Our acquisitions, past and future, allow us to diversify our offerings.
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Bonding Independent Products

The e360 Hub enables full visibility over the revenue funnel. With that, our clients can see smart suggestions to improve their users' full buying experience.
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Touchless Sales to Remove Friction

We can transform our sales process with the e360 Hub, optimizing our customers' journey with incremental enhancements and uncomplicated upgrades.

About the eCommerce 360 Hub

Illuminating revenue generative opportunities with our reporting and intelligent eCommerce recommendations.

Reliable AI to Power Decisions

Artificial Intelligence fuels our recommendation engine, designed to help users understand performance and improvements to make for revenue growth.
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Cross-Selling Relevant Products

Bridgeline uses data to drive suitable product and App recommendations to our users, so they are only shown what can actually improve their online business.
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Centralized Performance Reporting

Our reporting hub shows detailed performance metrics for your business. Keep an eye on your key revenue streams and individual app or product effectiveness.
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Leading businesses use Bridgeline to transform their digital presence into a growth engine

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