An AI driven eCommerce site search that grows revenue and increases customers satisfaction

Powerful AI

Deliver accurate and fast results

Dynamic Growth

Automatically attract and engage traffic

Personalized Experiences

Strengthen engagement with personalized shopping

Streamlined Checkout

Speed up your customers' journey to checkout
Primary Products
Site Search AI, advanced autocomplete, intelligent navigation, dynamic merchandising, and traffic building technology

Product Recommendations

From the landing page to the shopping cart, intelligent merchandising technology draws from real-time search and behavioral analytics data to suggest additional products for your motivated shoppers
Bike related product recommendation

Dynamic Merchandising

Category-promotion campaigns allow the promotion/demotion of entire product groups, such as sub-categories, brands, or any other attribute
Landing page dynamic created about a category

Advanced Auto-Complete

Our state-of-the-art auto-complete function self-learns, predicts and initiates a search to expedite your customer's journey to checkout.  
Search bar with auto-complete feature showing relevant results
"Creating a perfect search environment for our customers. If they want to call a fork a dinglehopper, we're able to have their profile be able to pull up forks with no issues."
Erica H., web content manager

Celebros Solutions

Marketing Teams

Our digital solutions will guide your onsite marketing towards stronger conversions, boosted order values, and your return on investment.


Easily manage your product catalog and deliver personalized merchandise experiences with our dynamic merchandising solutions.

Small Businesses

Let our eCommerce tools automatically increase traffic, and bolster your eCommerce experience to watch your business grow.

Website Managers

Generate more motivated shoppers for your eCommerce catalog and turn your search bar into a conversion engine.

Marketing Agencies

Strengthen your offering by adding our Site Search solutions to your eCommerce packages to drive results that will wow your clients.


Easily set up our integrated solutions to the platform of your choice for a powerful addition to your arsenal of eCommerce tools

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