Trusted Choice Selects Bridgeline’s WooRank SEO Index

WOBURN, MA – Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a marketing technology software company, announced that Trusted Choice, a national insurance agents and brokers association, selected Bridgeline's WooRank SEO Index to increase their membership and attract more customers for their members.

The WooRank Index will enhance membership growth for Trusted Choice by offering a bird’s-eye view of SEO performance across all associated member websites. With over 10,000 independent insurance agents and brokers nationwide, the association will use WooRank to run SEO audits for each member website, and then display insights for association members within a searchable index. Members will be able to monitor SEO trends, set benchmarks for emerging technologies, and understand competitive advantages within the industry using the index.

Trusted Choice agents will also be able to attract more customers with WooRank’s individual reports that provide at-a-glance SEO recommendations. The SEO reports will include criteria essential for optimizing the website’s visibility and ranking on major search engines such as Google.

WooRank’s SEO Index is particularly insightful for those within the insurance industry looking to understand marketing trends, new technologies, and competitor advantages in local geographies. The index leverages WooRank’s core page review technology to compile and aggregate its 75 data attributes about SEO performance.  

Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline, stated, "Trusted Choice's integration of WooRank Enterprise is a huge improvement in the SEO landscape for its extensive network of agent members. By initiating SEO audits across over 10,000 member websites, they're elevating each site's performance while enriching the collective online strategy of the association. This approach is invaluable in the competitive insurance sector, offering insights into localized SEO trends, new technologies, and competitor advantages. It's a strategic game-changer for those in the insurance industry seeking to drive more traffic to their business.”

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