TikaPac Agency Slices Prospecting Time in Half with WooRank by Bridgeline

Woburn, Mass.,August 19th, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN),a cloud-based marketing technology software provider, announced today that their WooRank SEO software has successfully cut prospecting time in half for TikaPac, a leading marketing agency for the print industry.  

The marketing agency has transformed its business by cutting lead qualification time and expediting the sales process with WooRank's Lead Generation Tool. The tool is ideal for agencies to attract and qualify leads for digital marketing and SEO services. TikaPac's site users can run their website reports directly through the agency's landing page and be quickly identified as prospects for the agency's services.

Furthermore, TikaPac's team uses the WooRank software to organize their SEO strategy foreach customer easily. From the prospecting process to the final reports to customers, TikaPac uses WooRank to increase productivity and grow business.

"Thepayback, if used properly, is well worth the ongoing investment inWooRank," says Tim Roberts, President at TikaPac. He continues, "In the same workday, I can be more productive with existing clients and get the same prospecting results in half the time."

The agency will leverage WooRank's white-label PDFs to quickly create customized SEO reports that succinctly identify the value of TikaPac's SEO services. The SEO software's educational approach is perfect for customer-facing reports fordigital marketers.


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