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Bridgeline Digital Announces New Product Release – Version 6.0          

BURLINGTON, Mass., Oct. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a provider in cloud-based Web Content Management, eCommerce and Marketing Automation services, announced today a release that adds several significant features and enhancements focused on optimizing brand experiences.

Bridgeline Unbound 6.0 is now available. It introduces an improved content authoring experience with greater flexibility for formatting content while providing design and brand consistency. Bridgeline Unbound 6.0 includes a new editor that boasts multiple new features, including a cleaner toolbar with additional formatting options, improved code editor, augmented translation functionality and the ability to add custom styles and expanded formatting selections.

To enhance product usability and user experience, Bridgeline Unbound 6.0 employs an easy to use interface that provides a streamlined user flow while editing and has added site preview options such as the ability to toggle between desktop, tablet and mobile views. Additionally, Bridgeline’s Content Management System (CMS) dashboard now displays a snapshot of all assets created, as well as views of recent publishing and blog activity.

This release debuts the new Unbound Insights product. Unbound Insights augments best-of-breed analytical data, such as Google Analytics, with Unbound activity data to render reports in context of the site administrative experience. Unbound Insights includes 30 standard visitor and traffic reports, interactive graphs, charts and sortable data grids including the ability to easily export data out of the platform.

Additionally, this release builds upon Bridgeline’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), expanding the AWS Elasticsearch integration to power the Enterprise search experience. Bridgeline has provided an out-of-box search accelerator package that can be applied to any customer site in the cloud environment using minimal configuration and setup. This accelerator provides rich search functionality such as intelligent auto-complete, search refinement, faceted filtering and more. The new search feature can be used to present relevant content and/or product results for CMS and eCommerce implementations.

Bridgeline’s Unbound 6.0 provides the highest level of secure hosting and compliance to address increased privacy regulations and intrusion concerns. Bridgeline’s Unbound platform supports compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and for businesses performing eCommerce, Bridgeline ’s provides payment and cardholder data processing with highly secure out-of-the-box PCI compliant hosting.“

At Bridgeline, we continuously strive to address the needs of our customers and partners by providing ongoing product innovation that continues to strengthen our unified product suite and product enhancements that provide tangible value,” says Carl Prizzi, SVP of Product & Solutions. “Bridgeline Unbound enables marketers to deliver exceptional experiences that attract, engage, nurture and convert prospects to customers – ultimately building brand advocacy.”

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Bridgeline Digital, The Digital Engagement Company™, helps customers maximize the performance of their complete digital experience – from websites and intranets to online stores and marketing campaigns. Bridgeline’s Unbound (formerly iAPPS) platform deeply integrates Web Content Management, eCommerce, eMarketing, Social Media management, and Web Analytics to ensure marketers deliver digital experiences that attract, engage and convert their customers across all channels. Headquartered in Burlington, Mass., Bridgeline has thousands of quality customers that range from small- and medium-sized organizations to Fortune 1000 companies. To learn more, please visit or call (800) 603-9936. Contact: Carl PrizziEVP of Product & Solutions Bridgeline Digital,

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