Major US Drop Shipping Supplier Selects Celebros Search By Bridgeline to Enhance Their eCommerce Search Experience

Major US Drop Shipping Supplier Selects Celebros Search By Bridgeline to Enhance Their eCommerce Search Experience          

WOBURN, Mass., Aug 20th, 2020 – Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a leader in cloud-based digital experience software, announced today that a major US drop shipping supplier has selected Celebros Search by Bridgeline to enhance the site search capabilities of its online store and improve their customer experience.

The Company provides a platform for resellers to access more than 20,000 organic, specialty, and gourmet products online. Major eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify can import products from their website to be delivered directly to consumers. These products are shipped from the Company’s facilities in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, and Dallas Fort-Worth.The Company found Celebros through Magento, an eCommerce provider and longtime partner to Bridgeline. After a demo of Celebros, the Company indicated that they liked its unique approach to search, which incorporates Natural Language Processing (NLP) and provides for a concept-based search, instead of the typical text-based search.

The Celebros concept-based search leverages artificial intelligence that considers the relationship of words and interprets long-tail keyword searches to provide the most accurate search results based on the user intent. These key features were a major deciding factor for the Company.

The Company will also benefit from the other unique features of Celebros, such as advanced autocomplete, dynamic merchandising with machine learning that promotes products based on user intent. The Celebros AI engine uses advanced algorithms to map out the shopper’s online behavior for predictive search. This technology helps boost sales by displaying products that spark potential clients' interest based on their online search behavior. With Celebros Search, the Company will not have to worry about search performance, security or scalability by leveraging Bridgeline’s cloud-hosting services.

Ari Kahn, Bridgeline Digital CEO, says "This is will be a great partnership because we tailor the features of Celebros to our customers' needs and improve the crucial aspects of their eCommerce journey. Whether driving more traffic to their website, boosting conversion rates, or increasing order size, we can customize the solution to our customer’s needs,” he says. “The aim, of course, is to increase their online revenue.”


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