Home & Hardware Company Selects Bridgeline’s Celebros Search for Their eCommerce Website

Home & Hardware Company Selects Bridgeline’s Celebros Search for Their eCommerce Website          

WOBURN, Mass. (Dec 17, 2020) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a provider of cloud-based digital experience software, has announced a European home and hardware company has selected Celebros Search as their site search and merchandising solution for their online store.

The company operates both online and offline and is a one-stop-shop for building, home & garden needs. Established in 1960, they are one of the largest independent home & hardware stores in northern Europe.The company recently launched a new eCommerce website with the abcommerce platform, a long-time partner of Bridgeline, with a large selection of categories and products, and needed the enhanced functionality of Celebros to help them attain their goals to drive new traffic, increase conversions, and improve average order sizes.

Celebros was selected for its natural language processing (NLP) site search, with machine learning and AI capabilities. Using these advanced technologies, Celebros can map out the customer's journey, including the complex keywords they input, to improve the accuracy of their search results and recommend products they may want to buy.

Celebros was also selected for its AutoComplete functionality. This feature can self-learn and show relevant search result recommendations based on the letters typed into the search box.

Ari Kahn, Bridgeline Digital's CEO, says, "We're excited to expand our European presence and work with our partners, such as abcommerce, to introduce our suite of eCommerce tools to retailers and eTailers."

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