Global Energy and Petrochemical Company Commits to a Multi-Year Renewal with Bridgeline’s CMS

Global Energy and Petrochemical Company Commits to a Multi-Year Renewal with Bridgeline’s CMS          

WOBURN, Mass., May 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a provider of cloud-based digital experience software, announced today that Bridgeline entered into a multi-year renewal agreement with one of the largest international energy companies.

The North American division of the energy company has implemented a customer service portal powered with Bridgeline’s OrchestraCMS product – a 100% native Salesforce Content Management System that provides for a rich, targeted content authoring and publishing experience within the Salesforce ecosystem. The global energy company has over 86,000 employees in over 70 countries. The secure customer portal helps the customer service team more efficiently handle customer onboarding, document sharing and collaboration throughout the onboarding process in addition to ongoing account management.

The online portal provides customers with 24-hour access to market insights and reports, billing invoices, important notifications and account information to assist them with their day-to-day business needs. Some key features of the portal include:

Customizable dashboard that gives end-users control of what information and data to display in addition to configurable settings for subscriptions, dashboard notifications and account information

Current and historical account information including monthly account balances and invoices

Product pricing information for natural gas, power and crude oil readily available to the customer

Market Insight data consisting of recurring reports covering domestic and international energy markets

The portal solution provides a means to keep customers and account teams connected. Accessing financials and supporting customer needs are much more efficient now, directly impacting customer satisfaction. The global energy company chose OrchestraCMS for its ability to manage and publish rich, targeted, multi-lingual content while leveraging native Salesforce workflows, functionality and data.

The new portal provides an easy-to-use experience for onboarding new accounts that has greatly increased user adoption. The global energy company has created a seamless customer experience that is efficient, easy-to-use by customers and account teams and provides highly relevant, real-time content and data at their fingertips without the need for manual intervention or IT support. “Bridgeline’s team thrives on solving complex business challenges for our customers through the use of our technology to help improve business processes,” says Carl Prizzi, EVP Strategy & Customer Success at Bridgeline.  “This multi-year renewal is yet another testament to the great value our portal solutions provide to our customers.”"OrchestraCMS has deep integration with Salesforce enabling secure portals to access critical business data, processes and applications by combining it with rich and relevant content that keeps customers and employees connected and aligned while helping to drive efficiencies” says Ari Kahn, CEO for Bridgeline. "OrchestraCMS provides an extension to the Salesforce ecosystem for both internal teams to efficiently communicate and collaborate with their customers.”

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