Duda Partners with Bridgeline to Launch WooRank SEO App for Digital Marketing Agencies

Woburn, Mass., Jan. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a cloud-based marketing technology software provider, is announcing a new partnership with Duda, the professional website builder for digital marketing agencies and web professionals.

Bridgeline's WooRank SEO app will now be accessible for more than 1 million published sites, built on Duda's platform by over 20,000 agencies and Web experts. As the number one platform for Core WebVitals performance, Duda is known for empowering agencies, and SaaS companies to create and manage their customers' digital presence. WooRank, built for digital marketing agencies by Bridgeline Digital, allows users to track and optimize technical SEO performance, content marketing, and social media presence.

With the integration of WooRank, Duda users will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily audit clients' SEO in actionable reports
  • Identify on-page areas for improvement
  • Keyword Research & Rank Tracking
  • Analyze technical SEO performance  
  • Analyze competitors' SEO

"We are excited to partner with WooRank to bring their powerful SEO tools to our users," said Russell Jeffery, Director of Ecosystem and Product Strategy at Duda. "As agencies look to build more websites faster, WooRank helps them ensure those websites will rank high on search results. The integration of WooRank into the Duda platform is a major step forward, and we are thrilled to be working with them."   

"Bridgeline is excited to be able to partner with Duda and is dedicated to providing an enterprise-level SEO solution that strengthens its platform adoption," says Jeremy LaDuque, VP of product marketing at Bridgeline. "We look forward to seeing how WooRank will drive growth to Duda's platform and further its users' revenue strategies."

About Bridgeline Digital

Bridgeline helps companies grow online revenue by increasing traffic, conversion rates, and average order value. To learn more, please visit www.bridgeline.com.

About Duda

Duda is the leading web design platform empowering digital marketing agencies and SaaS companies to create and manage their customer's digital presence. Offering an extensive range of eCommerce tools, scalable client management offerings, team collaboration solutions, top-tierSEO support, white labeling, and marketing capabilities, Duda's award-winning no-code platform enables agencies to reach higher productivity and unprecedented growth. Since launching in 2010, 14 million websites have been built on Duda by over 20,000 agencies and web professionals. Headquartered in the U.S. with offices in Israel, Canada, and Brazil, Duda has raised more than$100 million in funding to date. For more information, visit www.duda.co.

Danielle Erwin
SVP of Marketing
Bridgeline Digital

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