Chemical Company Bonds to WooRank as Digital Solution

Bridgeline Digital, provider of cloud-based marketing technology software, announced that a global chemical company has chosen its digital marketing SaaS tool, WooRank, for their holistic digital strategy.


The company, which employs more than 110,000 people around the world, generated around€59 billion in sales in 2020. Their broad portfolio ranges from chemicals plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas.Combining economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility, this enterprise is devoted to supporting customers in nearly every industry.


The company was eager for a solution to benchmark their global digital progress.With so many domains, it was crucial for their team to align strategy and ensure each website was performing at the highest level, regardless oflocation. The digital team selected WooRank due to its ease of use, all-in-oneSEO solution, and white-label PDF reports to share branded, internal progress reports.


“We an’t wait to see what WooRank is able to provide for this global leader,” said Ari Kahn, President and CEO of Bridgeline Digital. “With so many websites, it can be difficult to align strategies and celebrate wins. WooRank will be able to help them achieve their digital goals with ease.” 


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