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Bridgeline Software develops first online marketplace for components and add-ons of SAP solutions for Catalyst International          

BURLINGTON, Mass., Nov. 7 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:BLIN), a provider in cloud-based Web Content Management, eCommerce and Marketing Automation software, announced that it has recently developed componentsNOW™ for Catalyst International, Inc., a global supplier of supply chain execution (SCE) solutions. componentsNOW™ ( is the first global marketplace for the IT community using SAP® solutions and features components, external applications, add-ons, complimentary hardware and information for product comparisons and build/buy analysis. The site was rolled out with more than 100 components for SAP customers to research, compare, and ultimately order products. It primarily features plug-in modules for supply chain applications from Catalyst and more than a dozen software suppliers, including Advanced Logistics Systems, Intermec Technologies and Seeburger.

componentsNOW™ is built on Bridgeline Software's proprietary content management platform, netEDITOR-pro, allowing Catalyst to easily manage all site content through an easy-to-use, intuitive administrative interface designed specifically for non-technical users. “netEDITOR-pro was one of the primary reasons we selected Bridgeline to develop componentsNOW™,” said Ruta Hunter, Director of Marketing for Catalyst. “Working with Bridgeline, we were able to develop customizations to netEDITOR to completely manage the product catalog within the site, and will soon be able to offer access to our component partners to allow them to manage all of their own content as well.”

With netEDITOR-pro, non-technical users are empowered to maintain relevant web content while preserving the common look and feel across the sites. In addition netEDITOR-pro provides other advanced features such as enhanced workflow options, multi-site content publishing, group security, and LDAP and active directory support. As an Application Integration Platform, netEDITOR-pro enables any software developer to easily integrate web content management with other proprietary databases and applications under a single unified framework.

About Catalyst International, Inc.

Catalyst International delivers software and solutions that enable companies to optimize the performance of their enterprise supply chains. Catalyst is the only resource that combines 25 years of industry leadership in warehouse and logistics software development with an in-depth understanding of ERP systems, and is the industry leader in the wireless enabling of SAP applications. Catalyst has provided successful SCE solutions for customers around the world, including Boeing, Brown Forman, Office Max, Osram Sylvania, Panasonic, Rayovac, Subaru, and The Home Depot. It is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI and has offices or representatives in the UK, Italy, Mexico and South America. For more information, call toll-free 800-236-4600 or visit Contact Information:

Ruta Hunter

Director of Marketing414-362-8942

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