Bridgeline Software launches netEDITOR

Bridgeline Software launches netEDITOR          

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 14, 2002 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:BLIN), a provider in cloud-based Web Content Management, eCommerce and Marketing Automation software, announced its release of its proprietary content management software the netEDITOR.

There are always on-going editing requirements to most Internet, Intranet, or Extranet sites. Product features and prices, investor information, press releases, customer communications, employee communications, and training content continuously need to be updated. Historically, an organization would deploy a programmer, or someone with strong knowledge of web development to make even minor text changes. This is very costly (average cost of $140 per hour) to an organization as well as time consuming. As a result, many organizations fall behind on critical content updates which reduces the effectiveness of their enterprise web site.

Bridgeline Software has developed a proprietary content management software solution called netEDITOR. This solution enable organizations to easily manage and make updates to web content (text, graphics, and rich media) on sites and portals within an organization via a single application. These are excellent solutions for both simple and complex content management requirements.

By offering centralized control and delegated administration capabilities, our proprietary content management software helps organizations push content management responsibilities to a diverse set of users, including technical and business functions, in turn empowering a larger percentage of the entity to own and update web site information while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

netEDITOR is a robust software engines that allow for complete control of site structure and content, content workflow, and user access rights. Users are broken into four broad categories as follows:Editors: They have rights to contribute content in identified areas of the site.

Approvers: Responsible for reviewing and either approving or rejecting content for particular areas of the site.

Publishers: Ultimately responsible for final review and publishing of content. These users can post content to the live site.

Administrators: Responsible for administration of the system. These users have the ability to add / modify / delete users, user permissions, content sections, site structure, and content

EDITOR also provides for content workflow. Workflow is dynamically set by the administrator for each content section. Editors of content that do not have publishing rights must submit content for approval. Once submitted for approval, netEDITOR sends out an e-mail notifying the approver that content is available to review. The approver signs into netEDITOR and is directed to the "My Tasks" page. All content that needs to be approved is listed under the pending category. The approver reviews the content and can either approve it or reject it. If rejected, the content is sent back to the author, along with an e-mail and comments, for further modification and resubmission. If approved the content is either published to the site or directed to another level of approval.

netEDITOR has employed a unique method for managing tasks associated with content management. When a user signs into the system they are immediately directed to a "My Tasks" page. This page identifies all the work that a user is involved with and the state of its progress. The page consists of 4 main sections:


Items that you are working on but have not yet finished.


Items that are awaiting your review for either approval or rejections.


Items that you submitted that were rejected.


Items that you submitted that were approved over the past week.

While netEDITOR provides for robust content management, its true value to an organization is ease of integrating custom functionality

.netEDITOR is built on an open database and the application code is widely used throughout the Internet industry. This simplifies the process of building and integrating custom functions that are not traditionally associated with content management. In addition, Bridgeline Software provides a customer with the source code for reuse on a particular project. This provides customers the option of further customization of the installed system. The netEDITOR solution is priced at $20,000 plus integration fees. The netEDITOR pro solution is priced at $35,000 plus integration fees. The average integration fees for netEDITOR are approximate 500 man-hours or $57,500. The netEDITOR has the core features and benefits of competing solutions that cost as much as $250,000 or more.

Content Management Marketplace

Fueled by its anomalous growth spurt in 2000, the content management market was not hindered by the effects of the economic slowdown in the United States until the second half of 2001. Even with a modest slowdown, the content management software market is still projected to grow at a rapid pace, and is still far from maturity, with no vendor yet emerging as the clear leader according to International Data Corporation (IDC), and independent global market intelligence firm.

In 2001, revenue growth rates during the first half of the year for content management solutions were in the 40% to 50% range for many vendors. Now that the market has grown to nearly $3B, a concern may be that continued rapid growth would be difficult to sustain. A more moderate 20 to 30% growth rate is customary for a market reaching maturity. However, according to IDC, the maturity for the content management software market is still a number of years in the future, despite the current size of this market.

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