Bridgeline Releases iAPPS V4.6

APPS v4.6 Released by Bridgeline Digital          

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 27, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:BLIN), a provider in cloud-based Web Content Management, eCommerce and Marketing Automation software, announced the release of iAPPS v4.6. With iAPPS v4.6, Bridgeline has leap-frogged the industry by putting more power directly into the hands of professional Marketers, empowering them to control and affect positive outcomes for their multichannel web campaigns. With v4.6, Bridgeline evolves iAPPS Analytics to iAPPS Analyzer to go beyond delivery of static analytics data and offer the industry’s first WEM Smart Recommendation Engine. By integrating this new technology directly into the full Product Suite, iAPPS proactively suggests ways in which all site content, whether on a landing page or within an eCommerce store, can be optimized to meet and exceed identified business and campaign goals. Further enhancing iAPPS’ overall WEM capabilities, iAPPS Analyzer brings Goal Driven Marketing directly into the web browser and empowers Marketers to optimize all of their multichannel marketing efforts under unified campaigns. Marketers can then track campaign progress in a way that drives towards attainment of set goals and business objectives.

Bridgeline's iAPPS Product Suite, already recognized as a market leader, is the only leading WEM platform available as either a SaaS or perpetual license that unifies Content Management, e-Commerce, e-Marketing, and analytics capabilities - enabling Marketers to swiftly enhance and optimize the value of their web properties. The iAPPS Product Suite was recently selected as a finalist for two 2011 CODiE Awards and iAPPS Content Manager is the 2010 CODiE Award Winner for Best Content Management Solution, globally.

With iAPPS v4.6, Bridgeline has extended its overarching product philosophy of developing web solutions that specifically enable Marketers to have enhanced control of their web initiatives. Development of the iAPPS Analyzer Smart Recommendation Engine benefits Marketers with sophisticated interpretation of web analytics data directly to the dashboard that provides suggestions which can be quickly enacted directly by site administrators, all based on actual results. “We hear from our customers over and over again that they are frequently overwhelmed with analytics data and really need easier and quicker ways to interpret and act on that data in order to hit actual goals,” says Brett Zucker, Chief Technology Officer at Bridgeline Digital. “We think iAPPS Analyzer is a real game-changer in how it helps Marketers understand what is and isn’t working in their online marketing strategies, and provides actionable suggestions on how to drive toward targeted success metrics.”

The overall deep integration of the iAPPS Product Suite is what makes the sophisticated capabilities in iAPPS Analyzer possible. It’s well understood that web content is no longer just found on a company’s website, but is just as likely to be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or in Google search results. Marketers have a myriad of goals that they leverage the web to reach. These are as diverse as conversions, sales volume, added subscribers, event registrations, document downloads, site and visitor traffic, amongst many other measurable site statistics. iAPPS Analyzer allows them to group all of the multichannel marketing efforts they deploy to hit these goals – email, paid search, banner ads, social media, blog posts, etc. – into single, unified campaigns that have their own identified benchmarks. Tracking of individual campaign components, or “channels”, allows accurate measurements of their degrees of success, for which Analyzer provides well-documented, actionable and proven suggestions via its Smart Recommendations Engine. Marketers then use these suggestions to tweak campaign components and site content to improve results and optimize the entire campaign to ensure the highest degree of success.iAPPS v4.6 brings across the board enhancements and updates to the iAPPS Product Suite that include:

Smart Recommendations Engine within iAPPS Analyzer dashboard highlights actionable opportunities to improve site content and performance, which can be accessed with a single click;

iAPPS Analyzer connects all multichannel marketing efforts to business goals within unified campaigns and measures their effectiveness;

Microsoft Translator toolbar integration in iAPPS Content Manager automatically create a foreign language translation of any web content directly inside the iAPPS WYSIWYG editor;

New SharePoint integration within iAPPS Content Manager enables content contributors to share any digital assets from a linked SharePoint library directly into iAPPS content;

SPAM validation and SenderScore integration within iAPPS Marketier improves successful e-mail deliverability;

Improved dynamic contact search and list segmenting, along with more granular contact search tools and easier subscription page management, filtering and process tracking, enhance iAPPS Marketier as a more effective and easy-to-use application;

Updated features like customer- and product-specific coupons enhance promotional capabilities in iAPPS Commerce;

Multiple usability enhancements throughout the iAPPS Product Suite.

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