Bridgeline Releases iApps 2.5

iAPPS 2.5 Released by Bridgeline Software          

BURLINGTON, Mass., Feb. 19, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:BLIN), a provider in cloud-based Web Content Management, eCommerce and Marketing Automation software, announced the release of iAPPS 2.5 which includes a series of enhancements for iAPPS Content Manager and iAPPS Analytics, Bridgeline’s flagship web content management and web analytics software products. The iAPPS Product Suite is an innovative SaaS solution that unifies Content Management, Analytics, eCommerce, and eMarketing capabilities - enabling users to swiftly enhance and optimize the value of their web properties. The 2.5 enhancements further extend iAPPS’ position as an innovation leader in integrated web application management software and offer Bridgeline customers a superior user experience through tighter and deeper product integration, more timely and targeted data for improved decision making, and additional functionality for more effective management of web content.

The enhancements to iAPPS Analytics, a next generation web application management solution, further leverage the power of integrated web content management and web analytics with an industry first publishing impact analysis feature. This capability overlays content publishing dates on web analytics trend graphs, such as exit pages or top pages, to determine how and when changes to web content impact analytical results. For example, an exit page report will illustrate the trend in how frequently users exit a website from a particular page and if a change in that trend, negative or positive, correlates with a published modification to that page. This type of data overlay display is very powerful and is only made possible by the native integration of iAPPS Analytics with iAPPS Content Manager. In addition, through improvements to graphical trend analysis features, administrators can more effectively monitor site activity and changes over time. Moreover, iAPPS 2.5 offers superior visitor loyalty reporting as well as an improved analytics dashboard with graphical enhancements that provide quicker access to meaningful analytical data results.

iAPPS Content Manager also benefits from significant user experience enhancements. Many of iAPPS’ state-of-the-art AJAX enabled administrative interface elements have been updated to further streamline tasks and improve on an already industry leading user experience. At a feature level, iAPPS Content Manager now offers full-text search for uploaded site content, including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents, and extends overall site security management into search results and front-end display ensuring that only those users meant to access particular content are able to view it in the search results. Additionally, iAPPS Content Manager now includes updated Unicode and multi-lingual support for full inline editing with Unicode character sets. Finally, iAPPS 2.5 offers website user groups for not just improved, but also customer-administrator enabled user management of large secure websites to facilitate more effective delivery of persuasive content.

Corresponding with the enhanced iAPPS 2.5 feature set is support for a defined and extensive iAPPS template library to facilitate more cost effective development and quicker deployment of iAPPS Content Manager and iAPPS Analytics websites and applications. This library of Bridgeline certified templates represent commonly needed page layouts and website functionality. Each template is able to be customized to specific requirements, look and feel, and security as needed for a particular website or application. For Bridgeline customers, this means quicker time to market and an improved return on investment for their web application investment budget.

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