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Bridgeline Software Releases iAPPS Analytics          

BURLINGTON, Mass., Feb. 27 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:BLIN), a provider in cloud-based Web Content Management, eCommerce and Marketing Automation software, announced the release of iAPPS Analytics, the second of four planned on-demand SaaS software products unified by the iAPPS Framework. iAPPS Analytics is a next generation web application management solution that integrates web analytics to help organizations effectively measure and optimize their web properties. When combined with Bridgeline’s flagship web content management system, iAPPS® Content Manager, iAPPS Analytics enables ease-of-use and real-time delivery of targeted, persuasive content based on user profiles and site visitor behavior.

iAPPS Analytics provides deep integration within all levels of a web application, providing business users with advanced ease-of-use through AJAX controls and desktop-like conventions such as drag-and-drop, inline content editing, and right-click context menus. iAPPS Analytics also enhances speed and productivity through dynamic segmentation and auto page tagging, as well as provides superior visitor behavior intelligence through a full range of sophisticated reports including click-density analysis.

With the release of iAPPS Analytics, Bridgeline Software enables a new intelligent form of “analytics-driven” content through the seamless integration of web analytics and content management. iAPPS Analytics’ native integration with iAPPS Content Manager – through a common user interface – is unique to the market and offers users many advantages – making analytics initiatives more accurate and actionable, while making content management faster, and more efficient.

For site visitors it will enable a more personalized, dynamic user experience. According to a March 2007 Forrester report Marketing Technology Adoption 2007, 83% of marketers embrace the idea of a comprehensive web marketing suite, with 45% of all respondents (178 marketers) naming “improved online customer experience” as their number one priority.*“In the past, content usage has often been an afterthought, with vendors halfheartedly providing basic reports that don’t integrate with the rest of the content management experience and that customers infrequently use.” states Stephen Powers in the September 2007 report The Trends Driving Web Content Management Innovation. Moving forward, “vendors catering to organizations wanting to offer persuasive, personalized web experiences for site visitors will provide tools to analyze how people consume content.”

For content authors, analysts, and administrators, accessing the features and capabilities of iAPPS Analytics is only a click away. The common browser-based interface increases usability and promotes adoption, while vastly improving the speed and accuracy of web content analysis and reporting. iAPPS Analytics allows non-technical users to achieve greater conversion rates and ROI by offering a solution that helps manage and deliver persuasive content based on specific visitor segments or profiles. By creating audience profiles within iAPPS Analytics, iAPPS Content Manager can drive dynamic delivery of content targeting these profiles, or even specific actions and behaviors. For example, with iAPPS Analytics, a hospital or healthcare organization looking to use its website to boost awareness of a preventative care program for older patients could create a “senior” visitor profile for site users that access any number of specific, pre-defined content items related to the characteristics of that demographic. Once the defined profile actions are met, these “senior” site visitors could be served highly targeted content with a compelling call-to-action to promote enrollment. This type of intelligent, persuasive content can improve the overall user experience, as well as site ROI, and has traditionally been the domain of costly, custom developed web applications or websites. Unlike standalone products, iAPPS Analytics now provides analytic-driven content delivery to business and non-technical users through a single, easy-to-use interface.Bridgeline offers iAPPS Analytics in both subscription and perpetual license models with prices starting at approximately $1,000 per month depending on database size and URL requirements.

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