Bridgeline Deepens Its Franchise Offering with Location Pages That Improve Customer Targeting to Convert Online Searches to In-Person Sales

Bridgeline Deepens Its Franchise Offering with Location Pages That Improve Customer Targeting to Convert Online Searches to In-Person Sales          

Woburn, Mass., July 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a provider of cloud-based digital experience software, announced today the release of Unbound Location Pages to help convert online searches into in-person sales. Unbound Location Pages grow in-store and online revenues for multi-location brands with unique pages for each store that provide at-a-glance key information such as store location, hours, phone number, and core SEO ranking content that drives your page to the top of search results for customers near you.  Each page is mobile friendly so your customers can use their phone for driving and walking directions.

The power of the Unbound platform brings your Location Pages advanced features that drive additional revenue including coupons, online ordering for in-store pickup or at-home delivery, and the ability to automatically nurture your customer’s interests with automated emails and emails triggered by specific events such as online activity, product availability, and appointment timers.

Designed for the busy franchisee or store manager, Unbound Location Pages are easy to use and have set-and-forget scheduling to automate management of your online presence.  The store manager, marketing team, or agency can manage information for the store while automated SEO tuning helps keep your store on the top of local search results.

“Today buyers look online before visiting stores and when you’re at the top of the search results, your competitors’ customers will come to your store,” says Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline Digital.  “With Unbound Location Pages we help ensure you are the first choice and help you drive repeat business with automated email marketing.” Location Pages can also help brands show up better online when consumers are searching for information or products as well. Businesses can launch Location Pages automatically based on the most popular products in their eCommerce stores or for the most searched products and services from their website.

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