Bridgeline Announces Zeus Launch with Concept and Image Search

WOBURN, MA – Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a provider of marketing software, announced the release date of its HawkSearch "Smart Search" technology, set for March 15, 2024. Smart Search introduces two new ways to search, Concept and Visual Search, changing how customers interact with search and leading to increased engagement and revenue for businesses.

HawkSearch will introduce its “Zeus” update for Smart Search and GenAI capabilities on March 15, 2024. This update introduces AI-powered Concept and Visual Search to help HawkSearch customers generate more revenue. Smart Search uses AI models, vector databases, and large language models to process customer queries, whether typed or through images. For instance, Visual Search allows a customer to upload an image of a product, and HawkSearch will show similar items for purchase. Concept Search lets users describe their needs in natural language, and the system finds relevant products or information.

John Murcott, EVP of Product & Strategy, stated, “Integrating our features into existing interfaces ensures a smooth transition for users, maintaining our commitment to providing accessible solutions for eCommerce site users to find and purchase what they need.”

Ari Kahn, CEO, said, “Smart Search's introduction has shown its value, with customers like Max Warehouse, Nail Gun Depot, and Rainbow Resource Center adopting the technology. The Zeus release makes this technology generally available (GA), including the entire HawkSearch customer base, providing AI capabilities to help customers grow revenue on their sites."

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