Bridgeline Announces Software Release of Unbound Search

Bridgeline Announces Software Release of Unbound Search          

BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept 24th, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), provider of a leading, cloud-based Digital Experience Platform, announced the release of Unbound Search, an eCommerce site search and merchandising product, that combines the artificial intelligence and dynamic merchandising capabilities in Bridgeline’s Celebros Search product along with the advanced marketing automation and email campaign features of Bridgeline’s Unbound Marketing software.

Merchants rely on advanced site search to increase revenues by enabling their customers to more easily find products of interest. They also require additional marketing tools such as SEO rich landing pages, email campaign management with abandoned cart reminders, automation flows and more to optimize their eCommerce performance and drive online revenue. Until now, most merchants needed to combine multiple product solutions and vendors to meet this need.

Bridgeline is combining key features in its Unbound Marketing software with its Celebros Search product to solve these merchant challenges without the requirement of having to manage multiple vendors and engage in costly integrations of multiple products.  Bridgeline’s Unbound Search is the first, truly complete platform that allows Marketers to increase site traffic and site conversion from a single solution that includes intelligent site search, dynamic merchandising, automation flows, email campaign management, landing page creation, contact management and dynamic audience segmentation.

“We are excited to combine Bridgeline’s powerful marketing automation and campaign management features with its artificial intelligence powered site search  to provide merchants with a one-stop, leading-edge  product to increase performance and drive conversions in their online stores without the expense and complexity of integrating multiple vendors,” says Ari Kahn, CEO. “This combination will truly be a game-changer for our site search and eCommerce customers.”

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