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Google's "Mobile Speed Score" Update

It’s no secret that mobile is taking over, with more and more people doing research using their phones or tablets and more than half of all web traffic now happening on mobile. With that in mind, the internet is growing more and more mobile-friendly each day, and it’s an absolute must that your website be able to perform adequately regardless of the browsing device used.

The search engines also understand this; thus Google has introduced a way to evaluate the speed of mobile pages, with a new report that grades these page son a 10-point scale. The “mobile speed score” is integrated into Google Ads and can be found on the “Landing pages” page. Here, users can see which of their site’s pages have a high-performing mobile experience and which still need improvement. This gives advertisers the ability to “deliver the helpful and frictionless experiences consumers expect from brands.” (Google)

While loading time is a factor in mobile speed scores, Google also evaluates the relationship between page speed and potential conversion rate. If you’re among the many who wants to improve their site’s mobile experience and speed up their mobile pagers, Google recommends the use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


Google also offers the Speed Scorecard, allowing users to compare mobile speed against competitors, and the Impact Calculator, which estimates potential revenue lost because of having a slow mobile site.

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