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How to Use AI in Your Business Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already an integral part of strategy for businesses that strive to be constantly innovating and improving upon existing marketing activities and business operations. Across the board, AI can be implemented to improve the experience and performance of marketing, sales and customer service departments on a level that can only be described as “revolutionary.” Read on for some ways AI is implemented in businesses, and join the revolution today!


1. Increasing Intelligent Engagement


Through the analysis of website visitors’ activity, behaviors and patterns, AI increases engagement on websites and social channels by responding to needs as it perceives fit.  This includes identifying the highest-performing platforms and topics to reach each customer segment, curating and recommending content based on past behavior, and optimizing advertisements to show previously shopped-for items.

2. Using Chatbots and Virtual Assistants for Improved Customer Service

With AI technology, gone are the days of so-obviously-not-human chats. Features like Sephora’s Facebook bot for previewing products on a customer’s selfie tackle simple tasks like answering FAQs or helping a customer complete a purchase so that human employees are able to concentrate on higher-value generating activities that are not easily imitated by a robot.

3. Improved Data Accuracy


Think of all of the software in your stack – each provides different data that plays an integral part in decision-making. Often time s, however, the sheer volume of different systems can lead to a lack of synchronicity and integration.

With the help of AI, data can be more seamlessly united across multiple platforms and systems, thus making things a lot more efficient, productive and accurate. There is also the possibility of AI providing predictive analysis where general consumer data trends are integrated with your customers’ information to predict future needs. Think of it as a more reliable way to forecast demand and sales.

4. Automating Repetitive Tasks at Scale


With AI at the helm, data analysis can be done exponentially more quickly, with machine-learned or programmed responses. This allows your business to have routine tasks running simultaneously, giving you a competitive advantage with dynamic price optimization, sales forecasting, speech recognition, voice search and text translation, and customer segmentation.

5. Keeping Ahead of the Competition

Once you decide if AI can be blended with your company’s business processes and resources, you unlock the ability to be proactive and gain huge competitive advantages. Cost-effective 24/7 customer service, well-informed decision making, shortened sales cycles and expedited customer journeys, and more effective content are all ways that AI can help you rise above the competition and shine in your market.

Implementing AI is a great way to keep your business cutting-edge and relevant. Just:

  1. Select a platform that offers what you’d like
  2. Feed the platform customer data and segment your prospects and customers in order to deliver the most relevant messaging
  3. Employ a human-centered way of thinking in order to see how AI fits into your customer needs
  4. Set up activities throughout your site, such as chatbots or virtual assistants where a customer may need help
  5. Be transparent with your customers about how their data is being used, including value-adds
  6. Use AI to keep track of customer interactions and identify patterns in order to keep up continuous optimization

Are you getting started on an AI project? Let us know in the comments!


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