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4 Areas That Are Hurting Your Website Lead Generation

Your website is often the first impression your brand has on a prospect, and serves as a digital billboard for your product and/or service. If you’re like most businesses, the primary goal of your website is to generate leads.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of areas that can be improved to fill your sales funnel with qualified leads.

1. Landing Pages

triumph motorcycles landing page

A landing page is a webpage solely used to explain a marketing or advertising offer and capture lead contact information. If your landing page is not converting leads, be sure your page includes attractive imagery, clear and concise language, catchy CTAs, and forms or videos when necessary or applicable.

2. Forms

AARP membership registration

While gating your content is not always necessary (or recommended!), forms can provide ample opportunities to keep in touch with prospects and generate leads. A good form includes a clear title, only the absolutely necessary fields, a link to your privacy policy, data security info and a statement of how contact will be used, as well as a bright, eye-catching CTA.

3. Content