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Cyber Monday eCommerce Marketing: 4 Tactics to Implement Right Now

Out-of-the box marketing strategies can really take your holiday season to a whole new level.

As an online retailer, email marketing, pay-per-click and banner ads seem like the logical ways to engage customers and drive profit. Many businesses often stop here, when out-of-the box strategies can really take your holiday season to a whole new level. We’ve put together four marketing tactics that eCommerce businesses should utilize ahead of Cyber Monday.

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1. Embrace the power of Amazon

Amazon is the king of online shopping – so why not piggy back off its success to generate eCommerce sales? The best way to do so is to list your top-selling products in the Amazon marketplace before the Thanksgiving weekend rolls around. Doing so will absolutely place you in a pool of competition, but if you optimize your products' individual pages, you open yourself up to a wealth of opportunity.

2. Utilize local radio stations for live reads

Contact radio stations located in shipping zones close to your website to find out about having radio personalities read advertisements for your products. This will allow you to reach an audience that will be within a short (and inexpensive) shipping radius, thus appealing to holiday shopping urgency with convenience and price.

3. Utilize direct mail marketing

Despite what you may believe, direct mail marketing is not dead. When thinking of companies like cable providers and Bed, Bath and Beyond, it is easy to see of getting advertisements and promotions into people’s mailboxes can gain new customers for your business.

4. Advertise in local newspapers and circulars

Although newspapers are not preferred for media consumption most of the year, holiday shopping often pushes people to check various places for deals and ideas. Whether it is coupons, glossy inserts or full-page advertorials, getting your business’ products in print is a great, affordable way to grab shoppers’ attention.

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