Personalization Infographic



Gather Bob's Data.

Bob browses Sunglass Depot's site. Demographic and behavioral data points are saved in his profile including location, interests, referring site, forms submitted, pages visited and more.



Respond & Engage.

As Bob interacts more with Sunglass Depot, his onsite activity paints a picture for them. They learn about Bob's interests and can plan how to surprise and delight him with relevant productts and ofers.



Show him what's best.

Sunglass Depot shows Bob products he's likely to buy using the data he generated in his profile. They can target a specific data point, like his location in NYC, and show him relevant information like "Styles Trending in NYC".



No Purchase? No Problem.

Bob left Sunglass Depot's site before checking out. Are they worried? No! They can reengage him by entering him into an automated email campaign. Timed emails will be sent with irresistable offers.



Go With The Flow

Create automated workflows to nurture leads 24/7. Repsonds instantly to consumer activity on your website by triggering emails, sending alerts to your sales team, scoring leads and more. Doing so will help your buinsess continue to grow at all times.

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