How to Craft Buyer Personas

Identify Key Groups within your Target Audience



Identifying top buyer personas will help you deliver more effective and personalized marketing collateral including content used on your website and in email marketing campaigns.

Keep common customer character traits top of mind to ensure that you:

  • Speak directly to customers
  • Set the right tone in your messaging
  • Create personalized content
  • Use relevant imagery aligned to customer interests
  • Identify tangential interests to integrate with your marketing

1 Find information about your website visitors within your analytics

Track these data points at specific intervals (weekly, monthly and yearly) to take note of changes or trends: 


2 Develop a fictional profile with the most common characteristic traits within your analytics

Ask customers directly using surveys to boost the accuracy of your predictions. 


3 Segment your audience into groups.

You can categorize people based on the most similar Buyer Persona or a character trait you’re targeting for a specific campaign.  


4 Create content that speaks directly to your Buyer Persona segments.

You can create various iterations of your content to target each buyer persona segment. 

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